Starting Off

I’ve written a lot of things down in my life, and recently have become interested in trying to get other people to read them. Through various twitters and such, I came across Massimo Pigliucci’s blog Scientia Salon, and wrote an article for it, which he was charitable enough to print. It was a fun but surprisingly nerve-wracking experience. Which, I should add, had nothing to do with Massimo himself, who was very friendly and even responded to an anxious email of mine inquiring about my submission. So, deciding that I would like to do more writing along those lines, and suspecting that I could probably not get credentialed scientists/philosophers to publish every thought that passes through my head, I started a blog. (Hint: It’s the one that you’re reading.)

More writing will be coming soon, this is mostly just a placeholder so I have something to start out with. Actually I have to get going. I have an appointment soon. And I need to get dinner.



5 thoughts on “Starting Off

  1. I wanted you to know that I realy enjoyed your article on Scientia Salon. It was funny and thought provoking. Thanks, and please keep up the writing.

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